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Guide to San Francisco

Guide to San Francisco

This post is overdue, but better late than never! My mom, sisters, and best friend Felicia and I had the most amazing girls’ trip in San Francisco! I put together a little guide of the things we did! There is SOOO much to do in the Bay Area, but here are a few of my favorites!


Lands End TrailThere are some really scenic trails with views of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge! It is the perfect sunset trail! 



Billy Goat Hill and SWING This is a quick drive, and then a 3 minute walk from the street will get you to Billy Goat Hill! However, the swing hit or miss – I would say it is there 70% of the time. But it is definitely worth going even if it is just for the amazing 360 panoramic view of the city by the bay!



Kirby Cove Rope Swing- I’m a sucker for swings, but unfortunately this one is also a hit or miss and we missed, but it was still worth the views and amazing hike!

To get to the swing, drive to Battery Spencer. Parking is not close. You will either have to park at the lot  above or below Battery Spencer. Once you get to Battery Spencer, there are signs on a trail for Battery Spencer and another larger trail that is more of a road. Take the larger trail, which goes down to Kirby Cove Campground! Enjoy amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge and bay! Once at the bottom, just keep following the trail to the ocean and you will find the swing! Its about a 1.1 mile hike down once you start on the large trail! 

If you are only going for the swing and don’t want to be disappointed, I would check Yelp and Instagram before going to see if people have posted there recently! 

This is our friends little girl Lilly at Kirby Cove Swing, isn’t she adorable?!



Palace of Fine Arts–  This is a beautiful place to picnic and check out and it has a neat story!



Golden Gate Bridge Duh, you have to check out the city’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge! I think the best views are on the bridge and from Battery Spencer Outlook! 



The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps-  These color steps are a masterpiece of their own, but they are also encircled around beautiful gardens with striking views of the pacific ocean! 



The Painted Ladies– Can you say Full House!!! My all time favorite TV show when I was a little girl, and one of my Childhood dreams came true this day! 



Lombard Street This is a must when visiting the city! Although it is pretty scary! 



Seward Slides Yes I have a swing and slide obsession! These are the funnest slides tucked away in the cutest little neighborhood in the hills is SF! The drive is stunning and the slides are free and sure to bring out the kid in you!  


There you go! Use this guide the next time you visit San Francisco and you are bound to have a blast!!

Here are some photos from our girls trip! Enjoy! XO


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