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Belize Guide

Belize Guide

UnBelizeable!!!!! Belize was our last trip for the summer and I thought after being in South East Asia for a month that it would be a bit of a let down. Boy was I wrong, it was AMAZING! And the waters, I think, were even clearer and more blue than those in SEA.

Chicago Booth has trips every year for first year students called Random Walks. We chose to go on a couples Random Walk. Our whole trip was planned by World Strides and was beautifully put together! We loved it so much. Here are a few must do’s while in Belize:

Snorkeling Excursion Mexico Rocks Marine Reserve-  They took us off the north of Ambergris Caye to a marine reserve, which was incredible. There was so much to see: coral, millions of fish, lobster, sea turtles, sting rays, sharks and my favorite crystal clear blue waters!

Catamaran Tour: This was a full day trip and we had stops at Hol Chan, Shark Ray Alley and then stopped at Caye Caulker to explore the island and enjoy lunch. This was a GREAT tour! We snorkeled and saw a sea turtle, and explored a beautiful canyon coral reef and swam with SHARKS!!!

Secret Beach: This is a must see its a great relaxing spot and very pretty!

El Diabio Bar and Aqua Park: We spontaneously stopped here at the end of of Catamaran tour and it was like we were all 8 again! Such a fun Water park in the ocean a must see!!!!

Zip Lining at Jaguar Paw Park: It was fun zip lining!

Tour the Mayan Ruins: Bring water, it is really cool learning about the Mayans but it is HOT outside! I got dehydrated, so water is a must have!

ATM Cave Tour: This could possibly be the one of the coolest things I did all summer! We hiked for about 40 min through the FOREST to a secret cave entrance, how cool is that?!?! The cave is actually an underground river, so we swam into the cave with our guide into this amazing underworld realm- I felt like I was in an Indiana Jones movie! We trekked through the cave with only head lamps, being in water 50% of the time and on land for 50% of the time. The main water passage is full of amazing geological formations like sparkling stalactites and flow stones! The whole experience was really incredible, and our guide Alexi did a great job at teaching about the Mayans! I HIGHLY recommend this tour!

Overall we highly recommend going to Belize, as it is a great mix of relaxation and adventure!!!





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